Sending Newsletter or Campaign Email to New Leads

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for suggestions on how to configure a email campaign to send an email template immediately to new Lead records.

Our process currently is that we have multiple lead forms on our B2B and B2C ecommerce websites, these forms come into our CRM tagged with a campaign that sends out an email depending on the assigned campaign.

For instance, a customer may fill out several product inquiry forms to request information about products they are interested in. The Lead is posted to our CRM (SuiteCRM) at which point the assigned representative is sent an email notification and the customer is sent an email from the campaign for product inquiries. SuiteCRM uses webforms that can be used on any domain via form action url so all our forms are custom HTML/JS already. In our current CRM, multiple emails can be sent to the same email ID. This happens if the customer submits multiple forms across the websites, in our CRM each is a separate record (we allow duplicate lead email ids as where ERPNext does not by default).

In our ERPNext deployment we created an interstitial app that handles form submissions. The App uses the REST API to post a new lead with the lead details, campaign source and campaign name. We have disabled email id validation so multiple Leads with the same email ID can be recorded in ERPNext.

We then created campaigns, schedules, templates and email campaigns for the forms. We created schedules that were 1 day and 0 day to send. Our hope was that if we set it to 0 that it would send as soon as the record is created (or at least when the background jobs run) but that was not the case.

From the email campaign documentation it appears that it is sending the campaign to a single contact. Is that correct? We assumed that a campaign schedule would send according to the days from the time the record in that campaign is created but it only appears to work against the contact that the campaign is created with.

What I am investigating now is if we can use the API to create the Lead, Campaign and the Email Campaign at the same time with the aim of sending the campaign when the record is created but we are unsure whether this will acheive what we are after.

We are also now looking back into mailChimp as we have used in the past however I would really like to have everything handled from inside the ERP and reduce the cost of outside apps we are using.

ERPNext Info
Version 12.8.0
Frappe v12.5.2
Amazon SES is setup as our default outgoing. All accounts use the Amazon SES SMTP for outgoing mail.

FYI. I am new to the forums and ERPNext. I am a developer working on an evaluation and likely deployment of ERPNext for a small business and I work primarily on custom app design/development on MEAN stacks, as well as Python and PHP.

Any help in finding a solution would be great as we are looking to get a solution deployed by the end of the month hopefully.

You may want to try out Mautic together with ERPNext and see if that works for you. I have not tried it yet but there seems to be a Mautic plugin that you can use.

Thanks Iā€™m looking it to it!

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mutic looks great, looks like they are doing a new major version release next week then we will start setup and integration. It appears I will need to build a new connector to sync contacts. Do you know if there is any current sync connectors for Mautic and ERPnext? I only found the one test to V10

Some share this with me, hope it helps GitHub - Monogramm/erpnext-mautic: Mautic integration with ERPNext

Mautic is awesome for email and sms automation.

We have over several clients using it!!

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I am also just starting with ERPNext and have chosen Mautic for e-mail marketing. One of the reasons was the possibility to connect to ERPNext. Unfortunately there seems to be no connector that is regularly maintained and works with current versions.

Unfortunately I am not a programmer, but via the Webhooks this should be quite easy?