Sending pull-request

I have finished translating ~20% of Icelandic.
I have pushed to here:
I am not sure what branch to choose when sending the pull-request.
Can you please help?

You can send the PR to develop branch

Thanks but I must be doing something wrong.
There are 3 translation files 1 from erpnext, frappe and shopping_cart.
I forked erpnext and cloned.
Added is.csv
Pushed the changes back to develop branch.
Then made the PR and everything seems ok.
But I did the same for frappe but in the PR it is taking all the files as changed.
But I only changed 2 files, added is.csv and changed languages.txt.
Do you have any suggestion?

Thanks for your help,
I figured it out.
I used git add .
This caused some inconsistencies I don’t understand.
I did it again and added the 2 files individually.
Then everything worked and I was able to send the PR.