Sending reports as notification

HI! Is there any way to send reports as notification at every particular time? I am using slack integration and I want to send attendance summary daily at a particular time. is it possible? Thanks in advance!

If you have the slack api code , you can just write a function and and schedule it at the hooks file

Should I do it in server or within the ERPNEXT site? I am new here do please help me. Thank you for your reply.

in the server . go to apps/frappe/frappe . create python file and put your function there (get data from data base and send it to slack) . an then open (same director) and look for “scheduler_events” . you can add it to the hourly , monthly …etc or create a cron to put an exact time . your path would be “frappe.file_name.function_name” .

Thank you so much.

Any time

instead of notification there is a option called auto email which you can use as per your requirements.

Thank you for suggestion.