Sent E-Mail from ERPNext - Customize Message-ID and delete Info like X-Frappe-Site

When I send out a E-Mail from my ERPNext installation it always shows the Message-ID with my erpnext machine local url (for example erpnext.vm). Also the X-Frappe-Site Tag is shown in the E-Mail header.

in conclusion:

  1. Is there any way to customize Message-ID in sent Emails
  2. Is there any way to delete the into X-Frappe-Site in Emails

For anyone who wants to work around :slight_smile: I answer that question for security reasons because as you can guess that you might not want to tell any customer from which ERP system there messages are sent.

The message id is created so that you can thread replies.

Maybe you can override the message id creation system: frappe/ at develop ยท frappe/frappe ยท GitHub

Thank you rmehta,

deleting X-Frappe-Site in the id creation system worked, but not overriding the message id though.

How is it possible to change the site name (not url). For example erpnext.vm to

When the sitename is chaned the message id should change too right?