Sent emails aren't synchronized between Outlook and ERPNext (both ways)

Dear community,
could you please inform how to synchronize Sent emails between ERPNext and Outlook?
Outlook desktop and outlook mobile see each others sent emails (albeit in a different folder).
Emails sent through ERPNext appear as sent in ERPNext, but they do not appear in other mail client.
Also, email send from Outlook desktop or Outlook mobile do not appear in Sent folder in ERPNext.

Is there something I could do about it? Is this achievable, what I’m after?

Thanks a lot.


Hi @asem89:

Maybe you are using POP. Try with IMAP settings instead, this way folders will remain sincronyzed.
Refer to your mail server doc for this, if you are using account:

Hope this helps.

Hello @avc ,
I am using IMAP. There are no email folder options in ERPNext that I am aware of.