Separate custom workflow state / workflow action by Doctype's module?

When configuring action / state in a workflow, I can see all other actions / states of other workflows.

For example, I create 2 workflows.

  • Workflow X for Doctype A
  • Workflow Y for Doctype B

In Workflow X, I add a custom action named “Do something”.
In Workflow Y, I also want to add a custom action “Do something”. But the “Do something” is already defined, so I have to use other name, which is not good.

Firstly I thought, maybe, if modules of Doctype A and Doctype B are different, the workflow actions will be separated with the modules as well.
But seems like current behavior is not like that, I still see all actions.

The same problem for Workflow state.

Do you know any solution for this?
Do you think separating Workflow’ resources (state, action) by Doctype’s module is a good idea?

P/S: This question led me to a more general question: What is the best practice to manage multi-apps in a single site?
The only solution I know so far is Doctype’ module.