Separate Link/DocType for Payment Receive and Payment Made?

Currently Payment receive and pay can be done through Payment Entry DocType. But I want those to be separate and clearly visible as a menu link.
Any suggestion how this can be done? Do I need to create two separate DocTypes? Or I tweak the existing and segregate between those two.
Please advice.

I think you will have to create 2 new Doctypes but if you do so you will run into issues when you update ERPNext.

Thanks for your reply. Can you specifically point out what kind of problems I might face? Also what if I don’t update?
Also can I hide the pay or receive options from dropdown with custom scripts?

So whenever you will update there is will conflicts since your version will be different from the actual version. If you do not update, you will not have latest updates.

You sure can do that and this way you dont have to deal with update issues.

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Great!!! Now can you tell me where to learn custom scripting? Any doc or help?

Go through these links: