Separate listing of returned items as Non Inventory items

I want separate listing of returned items (either sale invoice/delivery note) as Non Inventory Items…

Every Sale Order Made:: Inventory is Taken Out::

Upon Final Invoice:: If any Item gets Returned: Upon - Shipped Invoice - if Edit:: System Counts as Non_Inventory Items and Keep Record as Non-Inventory Item but do account adjustments …

Non-Inventory Items (Returned)

If an Item is returned, Existing Sale will be edited and whatever items will takes out, System will make Non-Inventory Items Listing (show running on Scr)

Items Returned will fall into_ NIR Module so called Non-Inventory Items

Admin can make adjustments on inventory to take in as Re-Purchased items from X-Vendor


If an item is a stock item, it will remain stock item after sales/purchase return as well.

The better approach could be to track a separate Warehouse for the returned items, if you want to avoid it’s redelivery to another customer.

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Thanks for quick reply sir…

Please elaborate how i can transfer returned items to separate warehouse from return sale invoice/delivery note…

In the Return Entry, change From Warehouse for an Item. Can you try it once?