Separate REST server


Is there a way for the web service to be in a separate server?
The reason I ask this because I need to create an integration with a bank, that need VPN connection to the web service. In other hand, I still need the public to access the website and desk.


Is it okay that your server on vpn call your erpnext server ?? if so you can do it

how can I achieve that?

you just make a api call to erpnext … and create or endpoint to do the logic you need

OK, after several times reading your reply. I think I finally realized that you mean to create another web service server instead of create frappe web service server in a separate host.

no need to read it several times and try to guess … you could asked me again and as much as you want … until we are sure you get the right solution maybe i didn’t understand your requirements , maybe other members has better solutions … :wink:

Thanks again, I decided to use a nodejs server to consume the JWT, and feed it to ERPNext MariaDb because I will need the response in a snap.