Separate stocks and qty for each Warehouse?

In my company, I have products for bulk purchase by the Merchants (through shopping cart). There are some registered key-distributors in my company.

The KDs will deliver the products to these Merchants.

My need is to create separate warehouse , separate products and its qty for each KD registered in my company.

Also, as an Admin I want to see the stock level at each KD’s Warehouse.(KD gets products from my company and deliver the products to Merchants as the sales order being made by Merchants).

Is it Possible in ERPNext to create / customize seperate warehouses, product categories, products and quantities?
OR go for mulitple comapnies? (if so is there be unnecessary accounts heads)?

Can anyone help me…?

Yes! Have you tried making a test workflow with multiple warehouses?

Test workflow? Didn’t get you…From where can i create multiple warehouses?

type “new warehouse” in the search box.