Separating Agriculture, Hospitality, & Non Profit domains from ERPNext

Few months back, we have separated Healthcare domain into an app. In the ERPNext conference 2021, @nabinhait has presented our plans on breaking the monolith and way forward.

Moving in the same direction, we have planned to separate Agriculture, Hospitality & Non Profit domains into separate apps. These domains will be completely removed in ERPNext Version 14.

How does this change affect you?

If you are not using these domains, this change won’t affect you.

If you are using these domains, it will work as is in version 13. All bug fixes and security fixes will be back-ported to version 13 as well.

However, when you upgrade to version 14, you have to install corresponding apps to continue using these domains.

Going forward, if you want to raise any new issues or pull requests related to these domains, please raise them on the new repos instead of raising them on ERPNext repo.


Noted , thanks for the update , much appreciated


Good news :slight_smile:

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Are there any plans for the Project module?

Thanks a lot for update.

great to hear this is happening

Great to see the separation going further resulting in slimmer ERPNext core.
And what I also want to see separated is the Indian localization. Not to being disrespect or anything, some Indian-only features (like taxes) are “built-in”. Some users might be confused when seeing it and being different to their locale standards.
And I think this is good path as ERPNext is getting more and more international users now.


Agree. Good idea @rahy!

I also recommend separating Manufacturing module. I know it’s set on Domain however there are still residual information like on Item Master Include in Manufacturing is set to 1 by default. We have to customize the doctype to set it to 0 and hide it.

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The same as localization (including languages), +1 from me to basically separate all domains. Domain is business-specific so user can choose which to apply.
Core could only include the administration/business “generic/common” processes and platform.

And don’t make the domain module monolith. It should be able to add features the way we add module to ERPNext.
e.g for Agriculture, if the main/basic module doesn’t have features (submodule) for nursery then we can make a custom app to add to it.

…something like that :slight_smile:

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I am having the same issue.

@rahy Good point.

We are thinking of separating Indian localisations and other regional setup into an app. We will create a new topic on that soon.


We are also looking for maintainers for these apps (Agriculture, Hospitality, Non Profit), anyone interested, please DM me!