Separating In-warding & QC Process

Separating In-warding & QC Process into …

  1. Inward into Temporary warehouse and generate the Received Receipt
  2. Perform QC and Move into Warehouse (Stores)
  3. Continue with the normal process of Billing (As it is now)

In our case, when we purchase Items from Supplier, we have the process to confirm to the Supplier that we have received the Items, but no further details are provided as QC is not yet performed, it will be part of the QC Stock, after performing QC only qualified items are moved to Stock after rejecting the Unqualified materials.

This can be a great help if this can be developed, let me know the feasibility or any alternative to this requirement.



On receipt of items, create Purchase Receipt for the temporary Warehouse and submit it.

Based on the quality inspection, create Material Transfer entry, or create Purchase Return entry from Purchase Receipt itself.

This will allow you to process Purchase Invoice, just like the normal flow.