Sequence of item in Quotation Item Table

We need to move sequence of Item in Item Tables. How to do that?

Can we add Section in Item Table with Sub-total?

Could you clarify your question? I’m not understanding at all.

Please see following screen shot. We were able to change the sequence (move row up or down) with drag & drop. But, it’s not happening for few days. Can it be something related to browser (we checked in different browser also, but getting the same result).


Works fine in my test account. Please check:

Not working here. Please see following screen cast.

Uploading Drag and drop not working.gif…

@umair Since I could not attach gif file here, I have sent it through

We use licecap for creating gif. But face problem in attaching the file here. (in past also faced such issue). Can you please suggest which software do you use and is there any specific procedure to attach gif here?

@Deven_Shah I upload GIF on, and then add link here. Discuss does rendering.