Sequencing of Job cards when using routing-template in Manufacturing module

Good day to the Devs.

I have just moved my one system from V12 to V13 this weekend. Still checking if
all data is there and I have to say there are things that was added that is really cool.

It really makes for a solid customized feel to be able to create your own short-cuts, not only
in each module but also on your home-desk AND to be able to add the color-flags to
indicate e.g. how many unpaid invoice one has. Looks very nice

well done !

I was also looking into the sequencing of job-cards ( when using a routing-template)
in Manufacturing.

It only seem to raise an exception when the out-of-sequence job-card is completed.
Is this correct ?
I was hoping it raises the exception at the point that the out-of-sequence job-card
is “started”. ( not when it is completed … isn’t that a bit late ?

If you could clarify this fro me I shall be very grateful !!

Good day to you all

Any of the Devs that could perhaps assist with my question?

Thank you