Serial and Batch Bundle bulk stock entry


I have serialized stock items (individual) which are stocked in packets of 50’s, each packet is also serialized with pack SKU + serial no of first item in the pack.


individual item A340000, A340001, A340002…. A340999

first pack  	SOMESKU-A340000    	 contains items A340000 - A340049
second pack 	SOMESKU-A340050	 contains items A340050 - A340099

(sold in packets of 50, but each item is tracked via individual serial no too)

I have stock entry of 300,000 to import before we start taking orders via ERPNext.

The steps taken:

Using Data import tool, created batch entries (SOMESKU-A340000, SOMESKU-A340050… etc)  - 6,000 batches 
Using Data import tool, created serial – batch entries, i.e. individual item serial no for each batch
  • 300,000 serial no. across 6,000 batches

Using Data import tool – I am unable to import Stock Entry even though I have specified batch no.

As when trying to submit the stock entry I get it requires me to entry create “Serial and Batch Bundle” and assign (even thought I have already create Serial & Batch pairing.

What am I missing? As I can not see how you can bulk import stock entry with serial & batch bundles.