Serial and Batch Bundle

I wanted to check if this is normal/desired behavior:

I’m using ERPNext v15. I’m going to make an example to try to explain:

Say we sell cold-pressed juice and customers can mix and match flavors. They buy 24 bottles at a time. Each bottle is from a specific batch with it’s own expiry date.

After entering the Item into the sales invoice, I will be prompted for the batch number, warehouse location and quantity. Upon selecting the batch for that flavor, the system automatically creates a ‘Batch and Serial Bundle’. I move on to the next flavor, and once more it creates another ‘Batch and Serial Bundle’.

I want to ask if this is normal/desirable behavior? My concern is that, if we average 30 cases per day with an average of 6 flavors per case, then ~3,600 serial and batch bundles will be created every month. It seems like confusing bloat. Can i set my system up differently so this doesn’t need to be the case or is this standard in v15? I would have assumed that each order would create one serial and batch bundle, rather than 1 per flavor.

Thank you very much for any insights

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