Serial No based on non stock UOM

I have a special case where Serial No. is based on a different UOM other than the stock UOM.

For eg.
Item: GC51

Serial No is based on a different UOM for eg. Reel

So during purchase 5 Reels are purchased each with a different Serial No. and each Reel will be having different weight and the pricing will be based on weight.


Has anyone implemented such a scenario.

Are you purchasing the item or manufacturing or repackaging and selling it , as in a break of bulk operation?

Have you considered Item variants? In this case each Reel of the item would vary by weight , priced by the weight UOM. At the time of manufacture and stock transfer the serial or batch number can be assigned to each reel irrespective of its weight…

So the Item would be GC51 , with variants based on weight - your GC51B and GC51D might be GC51-20 , Item description GSC51 Reel of 20 kilo .

Otherwise see this link as it may help:

Hi @smino
The items are fully purchased, no manufacturing. Variants not possible, since the weight can be any adhoc value.
Selling in different UOM is also not possible since weight can be any adhoc value and a conversion factor cannot be assigned.


You can use the Batch number as a Reel Number. Let’s say you purchased 100 Kg, and it comes in 6 Reels. You can create six batches with the reel number and assign the correct batch while reception.