Serial No capacity


Is there anyone who has experience to make i.e. material receipt with thousands serial nos in one time transaction? How is the performance?

Is there limit for serial no textarea ? Is is saved in one field? Or separate table for serial no?

Maybe the experts can share…


Something wrong (horribly wrong) with your business process if you are receiving 1000 Serial NOs.

Either use LPNs or Parent - Child relationship.

If not possible then try some kind of advanced shipment notification information from supplier…You cant expect somebody to key in or scan 1000 serial numbers

Its common for wholesale business here to receive hundreds/thousand serial nos in one shipment like mobile phones…

Do you know the limit of serial nos in one transaction? Maybe the experts can answer…


I Jonathan,

I understand there is a business need to receive 1000 or more serial numbers. But if you are receiving them 1 by 1 then that’s not a good business practice.

  1. Ask you supplier to provide an LPN / Parent SN with all these SN. So that you receive only 1 serial number.
  2. Ask your supplier to provide ASN with all these SNs.

Basically, you should be receiving 1/2 numbers and system should auto-populating/receiving the other serial numbers.

If you ask someone to key in / scan 1000 serial numbers in a form…then that’s a stupid business process and causes a lots of waste…

Your other option is to have RF ID but not sure if erpnext support RFID…

Secondly, if erpnext allows you to receive 1000 serial numbers (which I guess it would) that doesnt mean you should be using…

Think with a business hat not with an IT hat

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In our case, we have to keep all received SNs in full. Yes supplier can provide all received SNs so we don’t need to scan 1 by 1. I think we cannot use Parent SN… When received, often it’s not sequential and with different parent.

The problem is we also manage returns,warranty claims so that we have to track full serial-no of every single unit.

We receive 1.000 units from a supplier (not sequential)
We deliver 200 to one customer
The customer returns 20 units i.e. damaged etc
We return 20 to supplier
Supplier return 9 of 20 (often partially)
We deliver back to customer

And this cycle involves many brands, several suppliers and many customers every day. So we have to keep-track full serial-no of every single unit in the database to track its location, status, customer etc

My question is, I just want to make sure that ERPNext has certain limit when we copy-paste 1.000 serial-nos in single purchase receipt form…System-wise, I want to avoid errors, database/system crash etc when doing this…


1000 should go through. You might have to do smaller batches if it does not in one transaction.

Thanks @rmehta