Serial No. column missing while making a Material Issue

While I issue a material, the serial no. column is missing.
Even though the Item Description says “Has Serial No.”

and while making the purchase receipt, it did ask for serial nos.


I tried to replicate the issue in my test account and it worked fine for me. Can you confirm whether you have serial numbered items in your stock or not?
If yes, then check the serial numbers. To do so follow-

              Go to that Item >> Traceability Section >> Serial No.

Thanks Shachi, it worked.

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But now it is asking for Serial No. even for non serialized item codes

Can you add screenshots?

So the first screen is about the Item, where the "has serial no. " and "has batch no. " is not selected.
The second screen, while making the material issue, Serial No. column is showing red and the page is not saved.