Serial no doesn't have any warranty or amc data

in version 15 when i create a delivery note , i can’t find any details for warranty for serial no that is delivered to the customer.

check Serial No doc type under support / stock

the serial no get doesn’t have the warranty details , it should have it after submitting the delivery note

Did you setup warranty period in days at item?

i did

You right
Now I checked with v15 and facing the same issue

if found the function :slight_smile:

this function get trigger when the delivery note gets submitted , it check if the
Serial and Batch Bundle doctype is submitted or not before updating the expiry date , and this doctype get submitted after delivery note get submitted so it won’t trigger at all ,

other issue if we change the condition the way they update is using frappe.qb.update , and it wont trigger the validation function inside serial no doctype which updates the status of the warranty , underwaranty or not