Serial No. in V15 Vs V14

Hi Frappe Team @shariquerik @rmehta

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I am exploring V15, As compare to V14, V15 is looking complex with respect to adding Serial No. for an item.

  1. Serial No. Status show only Active, Inactive and Expired (No Delivered as in V14)

  2. Serial No. does not show warranty period (Days) against an item in serial no. list.

  3. Warranty Claims does not show serial no. delivered to a customer.

  4. In purchase receipt CSV file sometimes does not fetch serial no. (in front) and if we copy same serial no. to paste there. The (same) serial no. had been added to the system already as an inactive serial no. Thus we have to select one by one (That is time consuming effort)

  5. When we deliver a serial no. , the status of that active serial no. turn to inactive rather than Delivered etc.

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any updates to fixit? pls update