Serial No not in stock

ERPNext give a pop-up message that the serial number **** is not in stock even though the status of the serial number is active.

How or what are the ways to check where is this serial number?

I am trying to submit a delivery note but this message keeps on appearing.

The status of serial number is active and it is available on the stock ledger balance serial number column

Is this a bug?

Please check the receipt date of the item with that serial no. against the delivery note date if it is earlier than receipt date.

Can you post screenshots of the serial number status, purchase receipt/purchase invoice & Delivery note.

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Sure no problem. Wait I will get all the screenshots first. Thank you.

Here are the details of the serial number.

We used a stock entry with Material Receipt as the stock entry type. However, the stock entry details are not recorded on the serial numbers. Not sure why it is not recorded. :frowning:

This serial was once been encoded on a Delivery note. However, as most companies experience, after how many days after submitting the Delivery Note the customer wanted the stocks be delivered to different sites. So what we did was cancelled that Delivery Note then amend it but we removed one item to separate it to another delivery note.

The amended delivery note was successfully submitted and created a sales invoice.

While the removed item from the first delivery note was created from the create button of the Sales Order to create a new Delivery Note. However, the pop-up message appears and cannot be submitted.

Right now, we are experiencing this pop-up message for 3 delivery notes :frowning:

Anyone here knows what are the wrong processes we did on processing a serialized item code?

You should have entered the serial number during material receipt. I wonder how did the document got submitted without serial number. Check the stock ledger if that serial number is shown there. If possible share a screenshot of it.

Also instead of cancelling the DN it would be better if you could create a sales return from the DN so that there would be a track of stock in the ledger.

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Hi @Touseef yes the serial number was encoded on the material receipt. But I think the details of the material receipt (Stock Entry) were removed on the serial number record when we have cancelled the first delivery note that was linked on that serial number.

And the serial number is also available on the balance serial no column of the stock ledger.

We process cancellations of DN is we have any mistake on the document (for printing purposes) or if we need to separate the DN of some items.

While sales returns are processed if we have really made a delivery then the client returned or did not accept the items from that delivery note. This way we can monitor items that are returned from the customers.

Also, we have already cancelled the DN but the stocks of the serial numbers were not returned. Do you know what transactions in the ERPNext I should check that was not also cancelled? :thinking:

If you have made just DN for that serial number then only transaction that matters must be DN in my opinion.

BTW i did try what you did on my instance and there was no issue at all. I could create and submit new DN after cancelling the old DN.

The only time i faced such issue was when the DN date was earlier than the material receipt date. Even time matters here.

@Touseef yes I also checked the dates. Below are the dates of the “submitted” transactions.

  • Stock Entry (Material Receipt) - Created on: 2022-01-10 14:25:40.243499 Posting Date and Time: 2022-01-10 16:13:06.753962
  • Sales Order - Created on: 2022-01-10 23:00:44.813161 Posting Date and Time: 2022-01-09
  • Delivery Note (First DR but cancelled) - Created on: 2022-01-12 10:57:45.709472 Posting Date and Time: 2022-01-12 15:15:21.490031
  • Delivery Note (Second DR but Draft wherein the pop-up message was encountered) - Created on: 2022-01-20 00:26:02.567316 Posting Date and Time: 2022-01-20 00:26:30.567316

Eventhough I made the posting Date and Time of the second DR to 2022-01-31 12:00:00 the pop-up message regarding the serial number is not in stock.

We are currently cannot use our system due to this pop-up message. Tried deleting all the transactions that were cancelled, the pop-up message always shows.

I think it is because the Creation Document No value on the serial number was removed or unlinked to the material receipts or purchase receipts that were submitted.

Do you guys think if the FIFO feature is another factor of this po-up message? Currently the valuation on the stock settings is in a FIFO but it is not defined on the item record.

Then when we select a serial number, we just randomly select serial number based on the physical items and not from the ERPNExt. We do not use or follow the auto fetch button of the delivery note. However, I am not sure why on the first submission of the delivery note, it was saved and submitted using the random SN.

Still cannot figure out the cause of this pop up error