Serial No Purchase Rate

I have noticed that after submitting a Stock Entry for Material Transfer the purchase_rate of Serial Nos are averaged out. In my opinion the purchase_rate should always be same for any respective Serial No.

What do others think?


What do you mean by averaged out? From what I understand, the items having serial numbers, after being purchased, all of them maintain the purchase rate.

Serial Nos after being purchased ‘Should’ maintain same purchase rate - true

What i have seen is … lets say when you purchase same item having different serial no as :

  • Serialno1xxx001 at 5 rs at warehouse stores
  • Serialno2xxx002 at 5 rs at warehouse stores
  • Serialno3xxx003 at 10 rs at warehouse stores
  • Serialno4xxx004 at 10 rs at warehouse stores

Now make a material transfer note through stock entry moving Serialno4xxx004 and Serialno2xxx002 to another warehouse (let the system do the calculations for values). Here the purchase_rate of each serial no will be changed to 7.5 rs. And this will reflect in the serial_no doctype as well.

Hope i am able to clearly explain the situation.