Serial number entry changes qty received in Purchase Receipt

Hi All,
I have run into a problem entering serial numbers during purchase receipt. As soon as I begin entering a serial number, the received quantity for that item changes to 1 and when I press enter to go to the next line to enter the 2nd serial, the cursor moves back up to the end of the 1st serial I entered.

In Stock settings I have checked and unchecked “Set Qty in Transactions based on Serial No Input”, the same behavior occurs. I’m using v.12.18.0.

Thanks for the help.

More details on this issue - I found two ways to get serial numbers entered during purchase receipt.

  1. If I create a list of serial numbers in a txt document, I’m able to copy them into the serial number box. This also adjusts the qty received, even though that feature is turned off in Stock Settings. Is there another place this setting needs to be turned off?

  2. I can manually enter the serial numbers if I very quickly press enter then start typing the next serial number immediately after pressing enter. If I delay at all, the previous behavior occurs.

I’m guessing this is not the intended behavior of the serial number box, but so far I have not found a reason for or a way to change that behavior.