Serial number for non-stock item

I have a service that generates a tracking number. This tracking number is the same function as a serial code in ERPNext, because under this tracking number, there are warranty details.

I need to enable serial tracking number for service items.

Currently is tied with stock.items only. Either you maintain it as stock item or you have to customize the system

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how do I maintain a non tangible product in stock? It’s a service. Can a request be made to allow for this in a future release?

I wanted to provide some further information on this requirement.

From my understanding, a stock item that uses a serial number requires the serial numbers to be loaded prior to using them in ERPnext.

My requirement is a bit different.

We receive items with serial numbers that are not in our records before they arrive, but we need to scan them into our system when a customer drops them off. We are responsible for maintaining a record of these serial numbers for reporting reasons as well.

For example, if we select an item in POS that we want to the track serial number of, a popup box asking to enter the serial number should be presented to scan the barcode into the item record.

There is a use case scenario for this so I wanted to clarify to see if it can be implemented in a future release.

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is there any plan to try and implement this?

@jpp just try making a Custom Form to track your serials.

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@rmehta I think its not so much to track the serials, but to use it inside other parts of ERPNext.

For example I want to do the following in POS: Select an item and have it prompt me to scan or enter the serial number.

Is this possible to just add the feature to track non-stock items instead? It seems like a legitimate user case.