Serial number for production item

where does one enter a serial number for a production item.

i have a BOM. i create a production order for the BOM. but the item being produced must have serial number. when i try to “make” the item and update finished stock from the production order , the error message “Serial Nos Required for Serialized Item” is shown.

thank you for any pointers


-At the time of creating item master ,you kept “Has Serial No” as Yes and given series.

  • when you created purchase receipt for respective item then ,then serial number get created .
  • when you click on “Update Finish goods” then form get open with stock entry with purpose as “Manufacture /Repack” .
    -Now go to “Item table grid”. Open Item name row
  • there is text box and (Add serial number) button is available
  • select or enter respective serial number and then save form.
  • you have not given serial number thats why message get displayed.

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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I got it working.
First I set up the Item being made with serial nos and an automatic series to be created if no serial number was entered. This worked.
Then I got your message.
So I tried it again - this time , for the item being made , as you pointed , I clicked on it and entered a new serial number and saved, This too worked.

I was making another error. For the input materials , I was entering both a source and a target warehouse. That was an error.

If an item is consumed during production, I am supposed to enter only the source warehouse.
Similarly, if an item is produced during a manufacturing process, only the target warehouse is to be entered.
This way all stock quantity balances are maintained correctly.

However, it is not easy to understand the purpose of default source and target warehouses in the manufacture document.

Thanks for all your help.


Thanx @ravi73164,
if you required more details or information regarding manufacturing and production order
then refer following links,