Serial Number Generation after manufacturing finished products

Hi Team,
I need a clarification that I need to generate a barcode or a Serial Number for a product that produced out from manufacturing.
Is there any option in creating a serial numbers from manufacturer in stock entry.

Can any one help me on this topic.

Just check “Has Serial No” checkbox in Item master, if you create stock entries, or Purchase Receipts for that item it will generate serial nos. Make sure no previous stock entry exists for this item.

As for bar code, if you need Bar Code on stickers user “Raw Printing” with a label printer. I use Zebra Printers.

Do you really have to install QZ Tray to get the raw printing to work? Doesn’t raw print already mean you are sending the raw text codes directly to the printer?

I do not understand the need for QZ Tray in this function. I am not a fan of having to depend on yet another small open source project to get something like printing to work. Will do it if really needed I guess, but would prefer to find a way to just use the raw print function alone.


I have used Qz Tray without issues on multiple versions of Ubuntu. I think the browser or OS may put restrictions on direct use of generic text via the system printing dialog.

ERPNext does not generate raw text print outs, it only sends them to Qz Tray. Tray also helps with unlocking of cash tray for POS.

Really?!? Okay I thought the “raw print” ability just genreated the text to send to the target printer. I did not realize itwould not actually send it to the printer, that it only went to QZ Tray.

I have not had any trouble using the old printing method with POS printers and cash drawers. I have many of them deployed on MS Windows terminals with touch screens and I just installed the POS printer drivers, set the printer as the deault, and the drivers already take care of the cash drawer for you. No additional packages needed.

I guess if you are using Zebra printers though, they do NOT have the cash drawer connector on them so you may need another package to activate the drawer outside the printer.

Well, my surprise was that ERPNext did not send raw print text codes directly to the printer. I will have to dig deeper into QZ Tray because I want to print serial number labels as well.

Thank you.


I don’t need the cash drawer, just pointed it so that I shed light on why frappe may have used QZ tray, it helps you push the drawer out from client script.

QZ tray is simple, you will be disappointed with its simplicity.

Hi @dhananjay and @bkm,
Thanks for your valuable responses. But what I need is that I am sending raw materials to the manufacturing. after manufacturing, I receive the finished product for that product I need serial no.

Right. So make the manufactured item a serialized item. As you make the Stock Entry purpose Manufacture, ERPNext will prompt you to assign Serial Numbers for the Items and the quantities you are manufacturing.

Dhananjay brought up the Bar Code printer as it’s easy to turn on traceability on ERPNext, but it’s a lot tougher on the shop floor. Once you manufacture (or receive) a Serialized Item, every time you make stock transaction for a serialized item, ERPNext expects you to input the Serial Number for the items/quantities. Plus those serial numbers need to be in stock at the source warehouse. The easiest way to manage Serialized Items on the floor is to use a Barcode Scanner (or preferably an mobile device that can read Bar Code & QR Code lables) and Barcode / QR Code labels (QR Code labels are easier to read on an Android/ iOS device).

Hope this helps.



To add to @JayRam’s response, just use “Stock Entry for Manufacture”.
Please check the manufacturing documentation

Thank you @dhananjay I find the solutions.