Serial number issues

When I received items in(purchase receipt), I entered serial numbers for those items. When I go to check items out of my warehouse(delivery note), the serial number says it doesn’t exist. I checked and it was put in correctly. Please advise what the issue is. I am unable to close out my delivery note because of this issue.

Have you checked the serial number document? The serial numbers you have purchased should list there with the status " active". It should show the purchase details also inside the document.

Where am I checking this? Not clear where I need to look to make sure it is active.

There is a a doctype called serial number. Search the same in and find the details

@KoleDigital do you find the solution for this? I am currently experiencing this same issue.

Did you add a serial number or just entered it? You need to create a serial number.
Which erpnext version are you using? V12 or V13?

I tried it on my V13 instance and i could do it properly. No issues.

Make sure warranty expiry date (if used) has not passed. Also check other stock locations. Stock locations can be set in item master which could differ from your default stock location.