Serial number reset


Due to a series of misunderstandings, I have had to delete work orders that existed and redo them.

The first time I did work order 1, I ended up with 2x Item A, with serial numbers SN001 and SN002.

After having deleted the work order and all associated steps, including the serial numbers that had been generated, I redid the work order and it generates me SN003 and SN004, even though my previous serial numbers were deleted from the system.

I need to have SN001 and SN002 since these products are already sent out to a client, I just had an ERP issue which I am now solving as best as I can.

As a workaround, I could edit the serial number names by hand, but that is not ideal since the next serial number that will automatically be generated will be SN005.

I tried looking up in the Naming Series if I could restart the numbering, but serial numbers are not accessible through there.

How can I reset my serial numbers?

Thanks for your help!


You can check this table tabSeries => use sql script to update current value by name

Not sure what I should be checking here… Where can I find the tabSeries table?


You can use mysql workbench or bench console to access your database and run script.

bench --site [sitename] mariadb


Still have the issue here. We use the standard hosting from ERPnext, so I’m not sure if I can even access this in general… Is there any way to access this from the “standard app”, in the same way that we can access the naming series?


There is no way of reliably setting the serial number pointer back to zero. The system assumes the Items exist already and does not have a function for what you want to do.

The best workaround (as you already mentioned) is to manually change the serial numbers in the and then SKIP the numbers 3 and 4 to allow the system to pick up the numbering series again at SN005.