Serial numbers automatically entered in delivery note



I have
encountered some problems regarding our delivery notes.

have noticed that when making delivery note, the serial numbers was
automatically there in the serial number box.

again need to delete the serial numbers automatically entered in the delivery
note and input again the actual serial numbers that has been delivered to
customers.It is too risky for new users not to notice the serial numbers and directly submitted
the document. Serial numbers are essential for us since we are using it for warranty purposes.

Would it be possible to make that serial numbers’ box blank so that we can just enter
the serial numbers manually to avoid this kind of error.

Thank you…

i think you can do it with customize your fileds


We have also same problem , so many times make problem and we enter delivery note with wrong serial by mistake , any way to solve it ?

I am facing this problem almost daily to maintain series because we have offline entry of delivery note and in this case user create the delivery note booklet and enters in the system later. We have 10-12 series of delivery note. Sometimes I feel that user will not continue ERPNEXT due to this problem.

We request to solve this issue and erpnext team make it optional , you can disable it and enter serial number manually in delivery note :slight_smile: .

I have same problem with serial number, when i make delivery note from sales order it auto pick up serial number and once i changed it after save it automatically goes back to previous serial number.
can it be possible to select manually serial number

refer to post