Serialized Case and Components Manufacturing

I think this might be able to be accomplished without custom dev but wanted to check if anyone had any ideas:

Let’s say we manufacture and sell shoes that need to be serialized. All is fine so far.

We now need to start selling Boxes of 20 of the same shoe where the box itself also needs to be serialized. *The shoes themselves will also continue being serialized.

I tried building out a BOM for the shoes and a parent BOM for the Box but when producing 1 Box it explodes out the sub-BOM materials and doesn’t consider the fact that I need to enter the 20 serial numbers for each shoe.

Ideally, I would use the production planning tool to create 2 production orders: 1 for all the shoes and another for the Box but without exploding out the actual shoe manufacturing. I then would be able to enter all 20 shoe serial numbers on the material request of the box.

I also tried using just a repack but haven’t figured out how to make it work for this scenario.


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won’t a ‘product bundle’ (consisting of 1 unique box & 20 unique pairs of shoes) be doing what you want to do?