Serialized Opening Stock


I am trying to update Opening Stock in the System with serial Nos. and read the article here Not Found. However it is still not clear how to update stock with serial nos.

The article states to use the Stock Entry Form (Material Receipt), however this form does not allow to enter the posting date before the starting of fiscal year. Also when we set the posting date as the starting of the year, the stock balance takes it as INWARDS stock.

I even tried the stock reconciliation tool, where it seems it is only possible to enter non-serialized stock.

Any help on how to update the opening stock with serial nos.


You can directly enter via Stock Entry (Material Receipt)

@umair KB issue?

Well, that’s what I said. The Material Receipt entry takes stock as Inwards Stock and not as Opening Stock.

Create a Fiscal Year record for last year from Setup -> Fiscal Year. Then in Stock Entry, select that Fiscal Year and a posting date of the last year.