Serializing Software Licenses

What are common practices for selling serialized software with ERPNext?

Do most people use something custom? Right now I am creating software items that are listed as serialized inventory. That means it has a supplier (which doesn’t make sense) and I have to import inventory every time we sell an item.

I would love to hear some ideas on how other people are going about this. I expect there is already some content in the forum, but it has been tough to search for since search for “software” or “software license” mostly turns up questions about open source or white-label reselling ERPNext itself.

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Seems an interesting use case. Software license isn’t a physical item hence making an item is alright but making serialized inventory does not make sense. If a new doctype is to be thought about, then there have to be a number of scenarios such as license renewal, license expiry, alloting license to a certain customer, type of licenses to support (Renewable, One time licenses, Free license)

Yep to all those points. I’m also not sure what would be involved in creating a dedicated DocType and getting everything like invoices, inventory tracking, etc. to keep up with it.

In practice we sell both physical hardware and we sell a virtual machine version of it. We price and bill them in a similar manner, but obviously we don’t have to keep stock of the virtual machine version.