Series already used in Activity Log

I am getting error - Series already used in Activity Log - when I try to set my item naming series as follows:

Supplier Number is custom field on Supplier. Any ideas? I searched but didn’t find this error message.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Same Problem

So you have checked the intro docs

Next search the forum for eg ‘naming_series’ for ideas - you will finds lots of clues and insight like Naming series reset issue - #2 by clarkej

With trial and error learning and patience to find your way around, you will be rewarded!

There was actually a bug in the system, per ERPNext Support. They resolved the issue and all is well for me now.

Thanks for update charlie-cook - Dev_Erp will need to give more details!

I’m having the same problem. Can you share the solution? is the bug still in the system? if so what was the workaround?

Same issue, any solutions?

This suggests you had a naming_series setup problem, to resolve this may require inspecting the database