Series Naming Problem While Importing Data

Hello Everyone,

I am entering the data using bench import csv through terminal,
Now my issue is…

I am migrating the employee master.
My employee id in old erpnext(Version 7) is EMP/007 and I want same in new erpnext(Version 11) and i am migrating nearly 50 Employees through bench import csv, but when the data is inserted I am getting employee id as EMP/00700001.

This goes for all the employee id which I have inserted.


So while importing the data, system is automatically taking the series of “00001”.

Please suggest some solution…!!!

The table with these values in it is tabSeries - you can edit/adjust the next value in that table. In sql it would be something like this… (tune the xxxx to suit your needs).

UPDATE `tabSeries` SET current=xxxx WHERE NAME LIKE 'EMP%'
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hi @Prachande_Nikhil would like to suggest these steps -might help you to overcome such issue:

  1. first , a new custom field for your employee/Customer doctype to store such an ID,
  2. secondly, prepare employee/customer import data with the information for this field,
    Customer data import can be done via Data import tool or bench’s import-csv command
    or you can do it via your custom python script uploading such data via Frappe API.
    and then you can also build custom python scripts to do data import (via Frappe API engaged), to make sure all are correctly matched to the right employee instances, using that ID field values.
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You’ll have to specify the number digits you want to append like this : EMP/.###