[Serious User Permission Bug] for Sales Manager

As per title above, I am trying to set user permission for a Sales Manager.

Below is the Sales Team hierarchy:

How can I set permission as follow:

New Sales Manager

  • Sales Order: only permitted to access SO created by “New Sales Exec” & himself
  • Sales Person Tree: only permitted to access “New Sales Exec” & himself

I have tried “Role Permissions Manager” tool and below is my setting:

I have also tried User Permission tool, which I am unable to set user permission for New Sales Manager to have access to New Sales Exec’s Sales Order

I can give you temporary solution that i did. you should just type “Sales Order” in field applicable for and click outside field it will take it.

Hi @Maheshwari_Bhavesh, thank you for your help. It worked but now I encounter another problem. As shown in the picture below, New Sales Manager now can only access Sales Order made by New Sales Exec and himself but other Sales Orders are still shown to him. New Sales Manager might not have the access as shown in the picture below, but confidential information such as status, delivery date, amount and sales person of those SO are still revealed to him.

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