Serve frappe app as service

Hi guys
i was searching on how to serve frappe application as service but i didn’t find any articles , do u have any idea of how to design the architecture of app ?

Can you explain clearly what you are trying to do?

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sure @rmehta
i wanna have only one site for example , but i wanna let users over internet can register in the site and each user can create multiple companies and has access to it’s own DocTypes , same thing u guys are doing for erpnext as service , people can register over internet create multipl;e companies and just have access to their Own DocType :slight_smile: ,

you always helped me a lot @rmehta i really appreciate it thanks

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This is a massive undertaking. I don’t want to put you off but in reality If you need to ask “How do I create a massive multi customer/domain ERPNext management system” then really it is probably far too advanced for you to achieve. Possibly the best route to go if you have hundreds of clients wanting this service is to speak to the Core team about using frappecloud infrastructure and asking for a bulk discount/commission of some sort. Again please understand that what you are trying to achieve is massive and in no way can be explained in this forum. Best of luck

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