Server Configuration

What is the minimum configuration required for setup ERPNext.
We’re a small business concern.

If you’re planning to set up production server go with some cloud server.
Minimum 1 GB RAM with 1 CPU preferable for small business.

This might be helpful

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Yes, choose those vendors who allow you to change configuration on the go as and when the need arises in the future.

Also look into innodb_buffer_pool_size. ERPNext uses InnoDB tables so this cache will become a major factor in your server performance. Too less allocation means more disk usage, too much allocation your hamper your normal server performance because then OS processes will start to compete. There are many good posts on Stack Overflow that will inform you how this cache works alongwith official documentation of MySQL or MariaDB

I suggest start with a normal configuration that does not go too hard on your pockets, and with trial and error arrive at the optimum configuration.

Here are some links :

Please read more and explore and by trial error choose what is best by observation.

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