Server Error! AttributeError: module 'erpnext' has no attribute 'get_company_currency'

On saving sales invoice, getting this error.

ERPNext: v13.35.1 (HEAD)
Frappe Framework: v13.35.0 (HEAD)
It’s been more common on newly created sites on frappe cloud. Not just on saving sales invoices. Sometimes on purchase invoice… sometimes while checking gross profit report.
Sometimes works on closing the pop up and trying again. But need a solution for this.


Is it possible to update versions or ERPNext and Frappe to see if that helps?

It was the latest version at that time. As it is on frappe cloud, automatically used to get updates

I am experiencing the same issue with frappe cloud.
Have you solved the problem?

Not yet received a permanent solution. Sometimes restarting the bench resolves the problem