Server Error / NameError: name 'TemplateError' is not defined

Cannot access Accounts Payable and Accounts Payable summary
error show like this

Server Error / NameError: name ‘TemplateError’ is not defined

I use
I tickets them.
They answered me

ERPNext issues like these are not covered under Frappe Cloud. Please get help from our forum: or buy dedicated ERPNext support from Product Warranty for ERPNext

so, I don’t have any programing skill. I am just User.
I backup restore database and reinstall erpnext.
problem still

I use it 5-6year with now price is change force me to frappe
nightmare has come

Pls help,

I am in Thailand. Nobody use Erpnext.
If anyone 'd like to do Erpnext service here.
Pls contact me . I can operate company and boi for you.

It works today. thankyou for someone in erpnext fix it

This was fixed in the last v12 release

thankyou everyone