Server Error while opening point of sale ERPNext V13.14.0

Hello Team,

I have hosted a new site with erpnext and frappe installed in frappe cloud and restored sql database of a site that worked fine on my local server. Now when i open point of sale it shows a pop-up of server error pymysql.err.OperationalError:(4078,"illegal parameter data types varchar and row for operation ‘=’‘’). I’ve attached screenshot of the error.

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I’m having the same issue.

I had a similar issue while experimenting with something. It turned out that it was conflicting on one of the Mode of Payments. I just removed a non-default Mode of Payments from the PoS Profile and it moved ahead. But indeed some issue.

Could you dump the complete log? Maybe I can see if we both has same issue, I can send across some patch to the Frappe team (if I can muster that)

they have fixed it in the latest update.