Server Error within App (redis.exceptions.ConnectionError: Error 111)

I’ve currently manually installed, updated, and set up an ERPNext Version 12 site on my dedicated server. I was experiencing a problem with it being unable to save the new email domain (the page would just stall when I clicked the save button) but I have no begun receiving the error as shown in the picture below when I save some documents or attempt to delete others.

The error it provides in the dialog box from the webapp is:

redis.exceptions.ConnectionError: Error 111 connecting to localhost:11000. Connection refused.

So far this error has popped up on two documents.

  • When making changes to my personal profile

  • When attempting to delete a department in the HR Module

I have been able to make other changes, such as adding different sales territories and product categories.

I have my system setup with nginx and supervisord on CentOS 8. It automatically boots and I can tell you that the systemctl status of nginx, supervisord, mariadb, and redis are all that they are running with no errors.
Previously I did edit my /etc/redis.conf to change the port from 6379 to 13000 as I could not get bench to start as it kept saying that the redis server couldn’t connect.

Any help is appreciated as I have never experienced an error like this before in ERPNext.

I had previously followed the guide linked directly below to complete setup, changing from the default redis port to port 13000.

I have discovered that that guide is not a good example to follow (at least in my instance of setting up a production environment managed using frappe’s supervisor.conf)

The problem was that my supervisor.conf did not include the redis_*.conf files and so was launching everything but the redis server properly. I have no resolved the problem by properly fixing the supervisor.conf file and replacing my old one in the supervisor.d directly.

I am still unable to save a new email domain but believe this is some unrelated error.

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