Server for hosting erpnext

Dear All,
I am trying to SSD server to host erpnext however the SSD is not available at this moment with
Could anyone suggest alternative with similar price range (of €8.99 per month).
I contacted They suggested to follow them on twitter to know availability. On twitter I came to know about scaleway the ARMv8 SSD cloud server…could anyone comment in scaleway please.
Otherwise suggest me how much will be difference if I go ahead with SATA instead of SSD on

Use a provider that gives you SSD, I would not suggest SATA. Scaleway is a good choice and I use it to host my website.

Have you looked at we have hosted our instance there, so far so good and an SSD comes as a standard

@helios-ventures is not the digital ocean expensive than €8.99 for 4GB RAM? 4GB at digital ocean is $40/month.

Thanks @Pawan . That is what I was looking for does anyone has experience of scaleway in our community. However yours is website and in my case it would be erpnext ! Should not make any difference in service…right?

I use ERPNext as well in the backend & also website generated by ERPNext. I do not face any issues as such.

@Pawan thanks for updating and giving confidence. May I know the website please. Will like to have a look.

website name:

@Pawan sir, thanks that’s great response. Good site and work. Thanks again.