Server Hardware & Configuration for a supermarket chain

I am trying to finalize server hardware and configuration for a supermarket chain. Client is a large entity who has supermarkets as a benefit to its employees. Non employee customers are a very small portion of the buyer. Planning to use the trusted Ubuntu 18 OS.

Business structure is as follows:-

  1. Head Office connected to remote location. Planning to use event streaming to sync data with head office.

  2. 20 locations. No of tills would be about 30-35 across all locations. Max till per location would be about 8 and minimum 1. Each location will have its own dedicated server.

  3. 80 users; concurrent about 45-50 across all locations.

  4. 60,000 SKU and will grow more.

  5. 30,000 customer base to start off. Majority of the customers are employees.

Major processing power requirement

  1. Client offers loans with fixed monthly EMI for purchasing white goods to employees. There will be monthly EMI deduction through file upload. ERPNext HR module will be used only for basic information, all payroll management will be done in client own software.

  2. Rolling credit facility (similar to credit card) will also be offered. This will also be updated via file upload as the amount would be deducted from salary.

  3. Automated material request based on Item master configuration for each location.

  4. Conversion of material request to purchase order.

  5. Purchase Order receipt and stock update.

  6. On the spot inventory check by stock controller.

We have completed a project few years back for 10 locations, 50,000 SKU, 70,000 customer base for an optical retail store. It is running smoothly on 4 core, 8 GB RAM cloud server. However the footfall is not heavy like supermarket and does not have so much complexity.

My questions are

  1. What is the best server specification for head office and remote location with max of 8 tills and assuming 15 concurrent users.

  2. Will MariaDB be able to handle so much processing daily/weekly and monthly.

  3. What fine tuning should we do to frappe/linux/mariadb.

  4. Is event streaming the right solution.

  5. Does event streaming work within a VPN? All location care connected within a private network using point to point microwave.

  6. What are some of strong backup/mirroring mechanism other than ERPNext daily backup. A solution that can take up instantaneously incase the main server stops functioning.

Thank you for your time and response.


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