Server/Hosting choices For Resale

I want to setup my ERPNext and sell customized ERPNext sites to clients,
Considering i have about 5-10 clients with a customized site of their own and their own domain name,
What kind of server would i need ?
I am torn between choosing a dedicated server or a shared one. i don’t want it to be too expensive(upto $30/month).
Also i want my customers to have their own domain name so i would need a something which allows me to register multiple domains but under my server. i.e i should be the super admin of their site and be able to give them more modules if need be.

I can be considered an ultra newbie in these things , so please be kind and help me out.

Have you considered being a Reseller for ERPNext Cloud ? Not Found

You get headache-free managed hosting + managed upgrades :slight_smile:


Correct my assumptions/questions about reseller if i am wrong.(really novice , please bear with me)

1.I have to pitch my customers just the basic ERPNext which they have to setup on their own cloud with my referral code?

2.i cannot sell them fully customized sites ?e.g they only want couple of modules with specific customized forms and features? -
– otherwise i have to go and re-customize for each client even though multiple clients have the same customization requirements because each are hosted on their own cloud?. :confused:

  1. I only get 30% of the cloud pricing. ?

I’m looking for something with more returns for my effort and have control of what my customers get according what they have paid.

Welcome Taher,

Becoming Reseller is much better, managed hosting i.e. ERPNext Cloud is a blessing if one has not yet got deep dive into the solution going to offer.

OTOH living with community is always a better choice so one is not left alone.

Once you have in depths of solution i.e. ERPNext you can go for self hosted solutions and in that way both ends will be facilitated and it will support this open source project indeed, I guess.

Good Luck!


No the will be hosted on

Might be a good idea to send contributions for those features :slight_smile:

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