Server is taking too long to respond

When we open the ERP, it 's showing “This site is taking too long to respond” ERP does not work until IP is changed or moved to other network, this happens very random and for different time duration. Some times it works fine.
This may not be related to ERP but any help will highly be appreciated.


it seems like a network related issue. If you share more details on your network (where useful annonymised), this might help you get a specific/helpful answer… otherwise, I recommend any of the common network diagnostic tools (ping, wireshark, …). Maybe check your firewall…

You want to check if fail2ban is doing this.

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Please try to change proxy_read_timeout to 180 in nginx.conf and in supervisor at line number 6 try to change “ -w 2 -t 120” with “ -w 2 -t 180” .

Reload Supervisor
Reload Nginx

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