Server is too slow due to socket io continues pulling


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i have the same issue , i didn’t find a valid soluation ,
i’m in developer . when i switch to production the server doesn’t work at all !!

@ahmadRagheb if you do fresh install then it will work.

I am unable to find solution to this issue, so posted this here. This issue is related to frappe installation and socket io configuration.

that the final solution , wish we could find anything else !

@ahmadRagheb The root cause is in frappe code v8.0 , and it’s fixed in latest version

@snv Is there any quikfix for old frappe version.

it works now for me >>
i did this :
ps aux | grep bench
kill -9 pid
then i start the bench and it shows some port are bind to adress
so i killed them too like 11000 or 13000
after that i reboot the system
and every thing works !!

just a question, what is this console that shows every data on your server? can you give more details regarding it? thank you


This is browser console.

how to open it? or install it on my server?

Its browser console.
Please check following url: