Server is too slow due to socket io continuous pulling


I am having customization in project , so can’t upgrade .
Frappe Version : v6.27.23
Erpnext Version : v6.27.25

Please provide me solution.

what’s the size of your

  1. Database
  2. Process
  3. RAM
  5. concurrent transactions which are effecting GL table

after this info we can come up with a solution.
i was having performance issue and end up by upgrading my server.


Thanks for you reply.
I am facing same issue on server and local setup also.

Database size : 354.66 MB
RAM : 3.8 GiB
SWAP Disk : swap memory 2018-02-01 13:35:29

Seems socket is broken.


Is there any solution for this…?

Is setup is in Production Mode or Develop Mode?

If setup is in Develop Mode, which command you are using bench start or bench server


The setup is in Production Mode.