Server Management Amazon RDS mirror db for failover backup


We have ErpNext installed in Amazon Aws. We want to setup two mirror site (Master/Salve) one in Digital Ocean and another in Linode Server.
We also want regular database backup in every 10 to 15 minutes.If Site mirroring is enough then we can ignore regular data backup.

If any one can help us to setup this whole things will be very helpful for us, We are also agree to paid service.

Prashanta Mahato
Rungamattee Tea & Industries Limited, Kolkata

@Prashanta_Mahato rather than mirroring whole instance setup Amazon RDS with mariadb and select two nodes , RDS will automatically keep the backup . The two nodes will act a failover and can be setuped in multiple zones.

Thank You @srajelli for your quick response.Can you kindly help us how to do that.
@shreyasp Kindly suggest me is Amazon RDS is better option than Mirroring for site availability?

@Prashanta_Mahato Here is the official guide from AWS to create mariadb rds instance

Hi I am trying for something similar. But it is for local servers one based at HO and other at remote business location to reduce risk of downtime in case of any failure like power of the premises b