Server Script - After Insert Problem, Not Equal to Created?


I’m trying to use the After Insert event on a server script bu tit doesn’t appear to work, as I’d expect.


  • When a new Batch is created from a Purchase Receipt I want the server script to run and modify the newly created Batch entry.
  • I created a server script to test which uses the DocType Event: After Insert on the Batch DocType, to simply fill in a custom field with the value “Test” and save the change.
doc.custom_supplier_identifier = "Test"
  • When I create a new batch via the Purchase Receipt, the server script doesn’t trigger
  • If I change the server script to be triggered by After Save, make a minor change to the Batch entry and save it, the server script works as expected and adds “Test” to the custom field.

So am I missing how the DocType Event After Insert works? Should it not be triggered by the creation/insertion of a new record?